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In a transformative book launch at The Palace School, “Emotional Ability Resources” (EAR) was introduced, offering a powerful guide to comprehend and harness emotions effectively, promoting self-awareness, and unlocking inner strength.

Authored by the acclaimed Pragati Sureka, PhD, an expert corporate trainer and Harvard-educated clinical psychologist with a specialization in preventive mental health care, EAR has emerged as a game-changer for emotional growth.

The collaborative event, organized by The Palace School, Pick A Book (an international Book Club), and Thar Sarvoday Sansthan (a non-profit organization championing arts, culture, literature, and humanities), witnessed the presence of distinguished guests. These included Shri Somendra Harsh and Ms. Anshu Harsh, Founders of Rajasthan International Film Festival, and Simply Jaipur ,Rajasthan’s first bilingual monthly lifestyle magazine  along with Mr. Akshay Goyal, City President of Pick A Book and Executive Director of BNI Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, and Alwar, and Ms. Rama Datt, Executive Trustee of MSMSII Museum Trust.

The author, Pragati Sureka, unveiled her empowering work to a captivated audience. Ms. Urvashi Warman, Principal of The Palace School, engaged in a compelling conversation with the author, revealing fascinating insights into the book’s profound impact, particularly on students pursuing psychology.

The highlight of the session was the interactive round where students eagerly embraced EAR’s concepts, showcasing their enthusiasm for understanding emotions and enhancing self-awareness.

Ms. Rama Datt honored Pragati Sureka with a well-deserved memento, lauding the book for its ability to equip readers with the right tools for emotional understanding and empowerment.

“Empower Your Emotions with EAR – Emotional Ability Resources” is set to become an indispensable resource, guiding readers on a transformative journey towards unlocking their true inner potential.


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