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As a part of ‘Marriott Global Safety & Security Awareness’ month

As part of the ‘Marriott Global Safety & Security Awareness’ month, Jaipur Marriott organized a road safety awareness session. The session was held for all the employees of the hotel and conducted by Assistant Commissioner of Traffic Police Jaipur, Mr. Rahul Vashistha.

The session was aimed at teaching the attendees – how to follow traffic rules and be safe on the streets of the city. General Manager, Jaipur Marriott, Ms. Monica Suri said that with the increasing number traffic accidents, it is important to the educate people on how to be safe as well as keep others safe on the road.  She further added that, this session was a small step taken by Jaipur Marriott to improve the road safety of the city of Jaipur.

Also, present on the occasion were, Director of Security, Mr. Amar Singh; Director of Finance, Mr. Amit Shardha and Head of Training, Jaipur Marriott, Ms. Geetanjali Singh.

It is worth noting that the Marriott Team will be organizing a ‘Road Safety Awareness Activity’ on 20 September at JDA Circle, JLN Marg. The activity will be organised to spread awareness of road safety amongst the people of Jaipur.

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