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Ian King from London and Annick Schramme from Belgium


Jaipur, 4 April: ARCH Academy of Design (ARCH) in collaboration with Government of Rajasthan will be organizing a ‘Chrcha on Cultural Governance’ at the Institution campus in Malviya Nagar tomorrow evening (Wednesday, 5 April). This was informed today by the Founder and Director, ARCH, Ms. Archana Surana.

Ms. Surana further elaborated that ‘Chrcha’ is a meeting point for all creators to share evolving and meaningful perceptions of the world. The lead speakers at the event will be Dr. Ian King, Professor of Aesthetics and Management from the University of the Arts in London and the Professor Annick Schramme from the University of Antwerp (Belgium). The ‘Chrcha’ will be an exhilarating evening of ideas, concepts, possibilities and perceptions around Cultural Governance, said Ms. Surana.

It is to be recalled that ‘Chrcha’ is a part of an international Cultural Governance project which is underway and whereby information from eight countries (Ethiopia, Taiwan, China, India, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and Serbia) will be gathered and published in the form of a book. ARCH is hosting the same in India with the support from Government of Rajasthan. The event will be attended by the dignitaries from Design, Performing Arts, Theatre, Tourism, Culture and the Government.

Earlier during the day both the Professors will also be addressing students from various design schools and teachers on “Aesthetics of Dress” and “Designer’s Pathways to Success”.

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