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The fifth day of the ongoing ’13th World Floral Show- Grand Floral Affair 2020′ witness interactive and enlightening talks by various field experts at Diggi Palace. The talks were given on topics like — the historic town of Amber, Indian attires and Jute fabric.

Interactive talk on Secrets of Amber by Rashmi Dickinson and Edward Dickinson

The morning witnessed a talk campaigning author,  Dr Rashmi Dickinson on her recently launched book, ‘Secrets of Amber. Come Walk With Me In My Beloved Amber’. She was in conversation with Dr. Edward Dickinson at Diggi Palace. Talking about the book, Rashmi said that it contains 12 beautifully illustrated walks around the ancient walled town of Amber, to encourage responsible & sustainable tourism. Each walk is unique and highlights special areas of Amber like – hunting lodges, gardens, lakes, temples, among others.

Interactive Talk on Kaleidoscope of Indian Ensembles by Anuradha Dalmiya  and Parul Swarup

An interactive talk was held in the afternoon on the topic – Kaleidoscope of Indian Ensembles by Anuradha Dalmiya  and Parul Swarup. Audience greatly enjoyed this visual and interactive talk wherein women from the Pushpa Bitan Friendship Society. The women donned different styles of traditional Indian Sari like – contemporary, Seedha Palla Parsi, Gujrati, Marathi, Mekhla and Madesar. Similarly, other Indian outfits like the Rajasthani Poshak, Chikankari lehenga from Lucknow and the Chaniya Choli from Gujarat were also showcased. 

Talking about the history of the Saari, Anuradha said that the Sari is a versatile, sophisticated and elegant fabric which is the quintessential outfit for every Indian woman. Sarees to date bear the names of the villages they originate from or the artisans who created them. 

Interactive Talk on Jute Profound – Imaginatively Abound by Preeti Sarda and Master Artist, Premsyl Hytych

The day concluded with an Interactive Talk on Jute Profound – Imaginatively Abound by Preeti Sarda and Master Artist, Premsyl Hytych. During the talk, live floral arrangement demonstrations were done by Premsyl using Jute in various forms like jute ropes, dust, sliver, processed, dyed and much more. On the occasion, a design was made used Heliconia flower with tamarind fruits as well as jute wires, sliver and thorns. Similarly, another floral arrangement was made with white bougainvillea flowers, jute dust and ropes, layered atop each other to create a frame like structure.

Apart from this, visitors were seen at the at the floral show enjoying the extravagant floral displays and exhibits. The morning began with the mellifluous Morning Raag experience. Similarly, the delegates also enjoyed a workshop on ‘Handmade Paper’ conducted by National Judge and Demonstrator, Ms. Parul Swarup at Birla Auditorium.

Pre-Booked Demonstration: Royal Indian Wedding

Furthermore, an extravagant demonstration ‘Royal Indian Wedding’ was organised at the Mor Banquet & Resort. The demonstration showcased a traditional Marwari wedding with all rituals and traditions such as – Roka, Haldi, Sagai, Phere, Vidaai, among others. Other than this, photobooths were also set up showcasing – South India, Bengali and Punjabi Wedding.

It is to be recalled that the ‘Grand Floral Affair’ is being organised for the first time in India. It will be witnessing a panorama of artistic and creative workshops, demonstrations as well as an international-level competition. The mega floral show will on till 1 March at Diggi Palace. The show is being organised by the World Association of Floral Artists (WAFA). The event is being presented by Pushpa Bitan Friendship Society in association with Kamla Poddar Group and supported by Rajasthan Tourism.


‘Grand Floral Affair’ - a World Flower Show & International Seminar - is a tri-annual event by WAFA. WAFA is a voluntary & non-profit global organisation of international floral art societies. WAFA encourages art of flower arrangement through workshops, seminars and flower shows. The events promote the exchange of information concerning floral art. The motto of the organisation is to spread friendship through flowers. Founded in 1981 by a group of flower arranging societies, WAFA now has 31 countries as its members.

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