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A unique traditional form of Urdu singing, ‘Chahar Bait’ was presented at Rangayan at Jawahar Kala Kendra. As a part of 12 day cultural festival ‘Virsa 2019’ this performance was organized by JKK in association with Rajasthan Urdu Academy, Jaipur. ADG, JKK, Mr. Furkan Khan was present on the occasion.

The event began with a performance of ‘Hamd and Naat’ by Iqbal Miyan and Group from Tonk. The increasing excitement of the crowd with each ‘Sher’ was remarkable. In addition to Ustad Mohammad Asif artistes like Vajir Mohammad Sahab Khalifa, Mohammad Wajib, Guddu Mahrab, Abdul Jabbar and others performed in the Tonk group ‘Shaan Ae Hind’.

After this Mohammad Mukhtyar and Group from Bhopal also presented a ‘Chahar Bait’performance.  Their compositions were based on religion and the society. In addition to Ustad Mohammad Mukhtayar artistes Abdul Azim Khalifa, Mohammad Idrish, Mohammad Nawab, Asmulla, Nawab Kha and others performed in the 10 member Bhopal group.

It is to be noted that in ‘Chahar Bait’ four lines ‘Sher’ are sung on the beats of ‘Daf’ (which is also known as Tambul). The performances are focused on patriotism, religion, environment and other contemporary issues in ‘Chahar Bait’. The popular folk music form originated in Afghanistan and came to India in 18th century with the Afghan military cohorts. Many of these Afghan soldiers settled in Tonk, Rampur, Bhopal and cultivated the tradition of Chahar – Bait in these regions .

It is to be noted that the entry for the exhibition and cultural programmes organized under ‘Virsa 2019’ is free for everyone.

Paper presentation and ‘Dastangoi’ on 20 July at 7 pm at Rangayan

 Assistant professor at Dayanand Girls P. G. College, Kanpur, Dr. Hina Afshan will present a paper on the topic ‘Qadeem Daur Main Dastangoi’. It will explain the tradition of Dastangoi in a broad perspective. Following this, Fouzia Dastango and Firoz Khan will give a 50-minute performance of the Mahabharat in Dastangoi format, called Dastan-e-Mahabharat.

About ‘Virsa 2019’

‘Virsa 2019’ is an endeavor of JKK to cross reference the various genres of art, culture and heritage as well as connect the future to our heritage values. The exhibition of rare and historic documents is on till 21 July from 11 am to 7 pm. The cultural programmes are being organized at Rangayan at 7 pm.


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