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On the fifth day of the ongoing cultural festival ‘Virsa 2019’ a mesmerizing Indian Classical Odissi dance performance by the Gurukeerti dance troupe won the hearts of the audience. The event took place in Rangayan at JKK. Artistes presented several patterns using the various body forms and used hand gestures and facial expressions to present the subject of the dance.

The event began with a performance on the second canto from a  Jayadev’s Sanskrit poem Gita Govinda,‘Srita Kamal ‘which is a prayer to Lord Vishnu. Next performance lined up was the traditional piece in the Odissi repertoire ‘Pallavi’ composed in ‘Raga Hamsadhwani’. The third performance depicted the endearing, mischievous and marvelous childhood acts of the Lord Krishna through the Oriya Abhinaya ‘Kede Chhanda Janila Sahi’ composed in ‘Raga Mishra Kaphi’ and ‘Taal Rupak’. It was followed by the performance ‘Ardhanariswara’, where the Lord was shown as half female and half male. It was composed in ‘Raga and Taal Mallika’. The concluding piece in the Odissi repertoire was ‘Mokshya’ composed in ‘Raga Bhairavi’ and ‘Taal Ektali’.

The artists who performed in the dance were Saumya, Dushmant Kumar, Prashanti, Debashri, and Ankita. The dance performance was accompanied by Surmani Ramesh Chandra Das on violin,  Srinivas Satpath on flute, Eklavya Muduli on ‘Pakhawaj’ and Rupak Kumar Parida as singer. The lights were managed by Jaydev Das. The event was choreographed by Padma Vibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra and music was composed by Pandit Bhubhaneshwar Mishra. 

These cultural programmes are being organized by JKK in association with the West Zone Cultural Center, Udaipur. It is to be noted that the entry for the exhibition and cultural programmes organized under ‘Virsa 2019’ is free for everyone.

About ‘Virsa 2019’
‘Virsa 2019’ is an endeavor of JKK to cross reference the various genres of art, culture, and heritage as well as connect the future to our heritage values. Exhibition of the rare and historic documents will be on till 21 July from 11 am to 7 pm at the Contemporary Art Galleries 1 and Kaladeergha-2.

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