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A football match for visually impaired players was organized by the ‘Scout Me’ club of Jayshree Periwal International School (JPIS) on the football ground of JPIS in Jaipur. Teams from different states of India, including Gujarat, Delhi, and Uttarakhand, participated in the international-level match. Around 70 visually impaired children took part in the match, including 40 boys and 30 girls. Special attention was given by experienced referees during the event. As a commitment to inclusivity, special vests were provided to the players by Scout Me.

Academic Director, Jayshree Periwal International School, Mr. Ayush Periwal said, “Through the remarkable initiative of Scout Me an initiative by students of Jayshree Periwal International School, JPIS proudly hosts over 100 visually impaired footballers in our boarding house, making history as the first-ever event of its kind in Rajasthan. This extraordinary gathering embodies our school’s commitment to inclusivity, empowering athletes through opportunities that transcend barriers and inspire greatness.”

To motivate the players during the match, the program included special personalities. These distinguished individuals included paralympian athlete and rifle shooter, Avani Lekhara; founder of Wheelchair Cricket in Asia, Pradeep Raj; International professional footballer, Ativeer Jain; General Secretary of the Indian Blind Sports Association, Mr. David Abasalom; President of the Rajasthan Football Association, Manvendra Singh, and inspirational speaker and CEO of Score Foundation, George Abraham. Pastoral Head, Dr. Love Trivedi, was also present on this occasion.

Scout Me, founded in 2016 by two students of Jayshree Periwal International School (JPIS), is a football scouting platform dedicated to connecting Indian football talents from all corners of the country with clubs and making the scouting process more accessible.

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