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Leading international polo players to participate

Jaipur, 27 December: Jaipur is all set for its Jaipur Polo Season which will begin from 1 January to 5 February, 2017. This was announced today at a press conference by HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh of Jaipur and Vice President of the Rajasthan Polo Club (RPC), Maharaj Jai Singh at the Rajasthan Polo Club.

Maharaja Padmanabh further informed that the annual polo season this year will be very interesting with leading foreign players participating. These players are from Argentina, Chile and England namely Dennial Otenendi (+6) from Argentina, Matias Vial (+6) from Chile, George Meyrick (+6) and  Mathew Perry (+5) both from England.

He also informed that the season will begin with an Exhibition Polo Match on 1 January. It will be followed by the Royal Gems & Arts SMS Gold Vase Cup (8 goals) which will be played from 2 January to 8 January. The Rajmata Gayatri Devi Memorial Cup (10 goals) will be played from 9 January to 15 January, HH Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh Cup (10 goals) will be played from 16 January to 22 January. The high-handicap Vodafone Sirmour Cup (14 goals) will take place from 23 January to 29 January.

Similarly, on 21 January there will be Maharaj Prithi Singh Baria Cup. This will be followed Raghu Sinha Mala Mathur Memorial Cup on 28 January. The season will end with Shree Cement Kota Cup (6 goals) which will be held from 30 January to 5 February. Exhibition matches will also be held on every Saturday.

Maharaj Jai Singh said that most of the leading Indian players of the game will participate in the Jaipur Polo Season. They are: Syed Shamsheer Ali (+6); Syed Basir Ali, Dhruvpal Godara, Simran Shergill, Sameer Suhag, Abhimanyu Pathak (+5 each), Syed Hamza Ali, Uday Kalan, Gaurav Shahgal, Vishal Singh (+4 each); Bhawani Kalvi, Lokendra Singh,  Manupal Godara and Angad Kalan (+3 each); Kr. Ransher Singh Rathore, Himmat Singh Bedla, Tarun Bilwal and Kuldeep Singh Rathore (+2 each) handicap and Maharaj Narendra Singh is +0 handicap. Some officers from the 61 cavalry and other units of Army will also participate in the polo tournament. He also emphasized upon the fact that the Rajasthan Polo Club is also giving horse riding lessons to those who want to partake in equestrian activities and horse polo.

Sponsors of the polo season are Shree Cement, Royal Gems & Arts Jaipur, Rambagh Palace, Jaipur, Rajmahal Palace, Jaipur and Vodafone. Medical Aid Partner of this polo season is the Santokbha Durlabhji Memorial Hospital.

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