Jaipur, 13 January: The annual Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS), which is held in the month of December had been postponed at the request of the exhibitors. The JJS will now be held from 17 to 20 March.

According to the Show Convener, Mr. Vimal Chand Surana, the postponed 14th JJS will be held at its usual venue – Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Center (JECC), in Sitapura.

The Show Secretary, Mr. Rajiv Jain said that as per the request of the retailers and wholesalers the dates for the gem and jewellery exhibition have been declared in the month of March. With the stabilization of the country’s economic condition, the customers have begun returning to the market. Just like every year, JJS will be celebrated in the usual elaborate manner. According to Mr. Jain, the priority of the participating exhibitors of the 14th show will remain unchanged.

According to JJS spokesman, Mr. Ajay Kala during the December show there is both  national and international participation in JJS. More than 700 booths are set up, attracting more than 35,000 visitors to their stalls. Colourful gems, diamonds, Kundan-Meena and other jewellery of all price ranges can be found displayed here.  A ‘Complete Show’ is represented by the large number of retail customers, of varying budgets, who come to visit the festival.

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