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The city of Jaipur, clichéd as the Pink City has qualities galore. One of them, is the strong tradition in lapidary (processing and cutting of gems), and Jaipur is now fast becoming a household name for exquisite jewellery. The growth of the city in terms of infrastructure, influx of tourists, new hotels and restaurants, all indicate a city in the making of a metro.

It was in this context that a small step was confidently taken to give a further fillip to the city by launching the Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS) in 2003 by late Shri Rashmikant Durlabhji. The vision was clear: giving an impetus to the Gems and Jewellery trade; placing Jaipur on the World Gem & Jewellery Map. Adapting the new trends of marketing for Gem & Jewellery, such an exposition in Jaipur was long overdue as the city has a rich legacy of Gems and Jewellery trade.


The humble beginning in 2003 with 67 stalls at Entertainment Paradise (EP) saw an encouraging response, interaction and zeal. Small wonder than that the 2004 JJS witnessed a quantum leap to 189 booths. There has been no looking back since then. In 2005, the venue was shifted to the Rajmahal Palace, with as many as 276 stalls. This venue provided greater space and facilities to the exhibitors, other participants and visitors. In 2006 the booths saw an impressive increase to 308; 354 in 2007; 357 in 2008, 372 booths in 2009; 413 booths in 2010; 451 in 2011; 464 in 2012; 456 in 2013; 552 booths in 2014 and 730 booths in 2015. This year, there is a whopping rise to 800 plus booths. This has been possible, owing to brand JJS and the changed venue to JECC three years ago. There has been a significant growth in number of booths to the tune of around 10% each year.


Persistent demand for more booths and better facilities by the exhibitors made the Organizing Committee of JJS to shift the show at the new venue of Jaipur Exhibition and Convention Centre (JECC) at Sitapura in 2014. With more space and better facilities – JJS has been leveraged to a totally new level. This year too with the use of the second hall, JJS will be showcased in an impressive area of one lakh seventy five thousand square feet, pillar less hall. The exhibitors at the show will find better flooring, lighting, carpets, lounge as well as parking and toilet facilities. In terms of car parking too there will be more space and better facilities for the participants and visitors. JJS has also left no stones unturned in ensuring total security for the high value products on display. A large number of CCTV cameras will be placed at vantage points with security agency personnel ensuring foolproof arrangements are carried out. Members of the media will also be provided with a ‘Media Centre’ well equipped with adequate facilities. Other than Gems and jewellery sections there will be other sections also like that of publications, machinery, gem testing laboratories as well as the JJS-IJ Awards Entries.


There is a quantum leap in the number of booths at the JJS this year. As against 730 stalls in year 2015, there are as many as 800 plus booths. The jump in the number of booths as well as space, is a clear barometer that not only repeat exhibitors are coming in a big way but the new exhibitors too are showing keen interest in participating in this grand ‘December Show’.  The manner in which the stall owners create highly impressive and ambient booths make them a feast to the eyes. It needs to be underlined that as many as 70% booths are designer stalls.


The December show, as it is popularly known, has become an important event with over 35,000 B2B and B2C visitors coming for the event. These visitors get the opportunity to witness the latest and the finest of what the Gems & Jewellery industry has to offer. These products are not only limited to Jaipur but feature merchandise from exhibitors worldwide. The Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan has listed this event on their annual calendar for the tourists and visitors.  Around 5,000 online registrations from out of Jaipur have also been done. A large number of tour operators have dovetailed their itinerary with this prestigious event which enables the group of both foreign and domestic tourists, to visit the show.


This year too, the JJS will be a complete show with diamonds, colour stones, precious metals – silver, gold, base metals-carving and beads. The exposition will also cover jewellers and gemstone dealers, jewellery institutes, publications apart from others. There will be separate sections for jewellery and gemstones. This categorization will make it convenient for the customers to search out the product of their choice. Furthermore, for the first time 3 stalls (9 sq. mts. each) will be provided to the budding designers in the show by JJS. The newly established Museum of Gem and Jewellery Federation in Jaipur will also have a stall at the show. And it is indeed heartening that this not-for-profit event is ploughing back funds for promoting the trade.


More than 180 top retailers of India have already confirmed their participation in the show. These retailers visit the show every year on the invitation of JJS and they have made it a point to get regular supply of their goods as B2B buyers during JJS. This underlines the fact that even buyers have to show their face to manufacturers on a consistent basis.


All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF) Board of Directors have been invited by the JJS for the show. GJF is a national trade federation for the promotion and growth of the trade in gems and jewellery pan India. More than 50 top jewellery retailers of the country will attend this glittering event. They will also get an opportunity to select items from a large numbers of booths at the show. Their presence will give an opportunity for expert interaction with the exhibitors on issues related to G&J sector.

NO. 1 B2B & B2C SHOW:

Gems & Jewellery shows are held all over the world. However, these are either exclusive B2B international shows or consumer shows in India. Furthermore, JJS is a unique show which has focused both on B2B & B2C show. Jewellers & Consumers find this rare platform apt for a 360 degree feedback. While jewellers come across the usual display of wide variety of goods both in colour gemstones and diamonds – the metals, beads and carving is equally popular.

At the same time, B2C – Consumers get an opportunity to see 800 plus booths displaying goods in such an easy format. Here they can simply pick and buy from a number of sellers. They can compare and finalize a piece along with their retailers and friends – which makes it an amazing experience for them.


JJS-IJ Jewellers’ Choice Design Awards powered by GIA will be held once again this year. The prestigious event is much looked forward to. The winners were selected in the Grand Jury Meet on 25 November 2017 at Sofitel Hotel in Mumbai. This year’s esteemed jury included Ms. Nirupa Bhatt, MD, GIA India & Middle East; Mr. Rajiv Jain, Secretary – Jaipur Jewellery Show; Mr. Anil Bharwani, Partner, Seth Sunderdas & Sons; Mr. Aftab Bandukwala, Founder & Principal Architect, V-Design Architectural Solutions Pvt Ltd; Ms. Minal Vazirani President & Cofounder, Saffronart; Ms. Divya Dutta Film Actress & Model and Ken Fernandez, Costume Designer.

Now in its 7th year, JJS-IJ Jewellers Choice Design Awards has created a special place in the hearts of jewellery connoisseurs in and around India. Year after year, this award has only bettered and honored the country’s best in design and creativity. This year, one of the main attractions is ‘Mechanical Jewellery’ (Themed Jewellery). There’s no dearth of design talent in this country but it is always interesting to see the vast amount of talent that goes creating wearable, gorgeous pieces of baubles.

So far, JJS-IJ Awards has received over 600 entries from 23 cities in India. In all, 98 companies have participated in 14 broad categories. Winners will be awarded in a glittering gala ceremony on 23 December, 2017 at Hotel Crowne Plaza in Jaipur.

Fine Jewels Auction during JJS

IJ is creating a great opportunity for the shortlisted pieces every year at the JJS-IJ Jewellers Choice Design Awards. An Auction for the selected pieces will be held during the JJS. This auction provides a great opportunity to display the products at the North India’s Biggest Jewellery Exhibition. They will be viewing the products and submit bids for them.

Jaipur Jewellery Design Festival (JJDF)

The JJS will have a new dimension this year. It will be the Jaipur Jewellery Design Festival (JJDF). This festival will be an integrated part of the JJS for the first time and will now be a regular annual feature of the mega jewellery show. The festival will be organized from 22 December to 25 December.  On 22 December the Chairman of GJF, Mr. Nitin Khandelwal will be the Chief Guest. On 23 December the MD, GIA India & Middle East, Nirupa Bhatt will visit the festival.

Created in association with JJS, JJDF is envisioned to celebrate and promote jewellery design in all its glory. The festival will have multiple folds in the form of exhibitions, events, installations, talk shows, panel discussions, seminars, product showcases, book launch, networking parties and many more.

The 3-member team of JJDF are: Ms. Sonal Sawanshukha, Mr. Ankit Lodha and Mr. Nainesh Grover. They have played a pivotal role in curating the festival. 

There are four themes of JJDF all inspired by India. They are: ‘India’s Extraordinary’ (Top league of Indian jewellers); ‘In Love with India’ (International Jewellers with India inspired collection); ‘Indian Innovators’ (Innovative jewellery by Indian jewellers) and ‘Artisans of India’ (Jewellers using Indian arts in their jewellery).

JJDF will play a significant role in creating a network for contemporary design in Jewellery. The event will provide an access to exclusive information on design from the industry’s influencers. It will emerge as a platform for showcasing creative fusion of innovative, modern jewellery with the traditional forms.

It is expected that the JJDF will be attended by top national and international jewellery manufacturers, retailers, designers as well as artisans. Art connoisseurs from all over the world have evinced interest in the festival. Similarly, the top jewellery bloggers as well as India’s leading media houses will be attending the festival. There will also be a creative jewellery installation gallery with over 30 wall displays. Over 15 talk shows and seminars are also planned as are a JJDF Coffee Table Book as well as Jewellery Craft Live Demonstrations.

The JJS, over the years, has always been instrumental in creating awareness about new age developments and needs of the trade. Since design is one of them – the Design festival will fulfil the need of this aspect of the fraternity.

Social Media at JJS

The Jaipur Jewellery Show has a dedicated social media team. The team has envisioned a platform that will provide its exhibitors, access to millions of potential consumers at low cost and with a realistic insight.

Engagement is a highlight of this strategy where the consumers can shed their traditional purely passive role to interact directly with the exhibitors, which in turn would provide opportunities to build trustworthy relationships. With trust and transparency in the environment, the conversion rates will grow massively.

The team is not merely on a mission to get maximum likes on Facebook or a large number of followers on Twitter or Instagram. The team’s vision is to unlock the wealth of information that hides behind these staggering numbers for the exhibitors.

The social media would make JJS a more efficient organization where the exhibitors would equip themselves with smarter decision-making capabilities in business. Also, the consumers would have an enriching and engaging experience.

An efficient social media strategy shall equip the JJS to align and synchronize with the powerful ‘Digital India’ initiative.


A special feature of the JJS has always been the fact that different stones and jewellery items have been proactively promoted as a theme. Before choosing a theme, team JJS ensures the promotion of interest of Jaipur. For instance in the past years the themes have been:

2003:  Redefining colours

2004:  Defining colours, Defining value

2005:  Mystique of Gems

2006:  Emerald: Add one to your life.

2007:  Emerald: and More…

2008:  Tanzanite: Rarer than the rarest…

2009:  Cherish the Miracle of Tanzanite

2010: Kundan Meena… A tradition that goes on for generations

2011: Kundan Meena… A Regal Heritage

2012: Diamond Jewellery…Jaipur Adds Colour To It

2013: Diamond Jewellery…Jaipur Adds Colour To It

2014: Ruby …. The Gem of Gems

2015: Ruby …. Red, Rare and Royal

2017:  Ruby …. Red, Rare and Royal


GIA, DTC, GJEPC, WFDB, CIBJO, GJF, ICA, Rio-Tinto, Gemfields, IGI and SGL all have been prestigious partners to JJS. Their skill and professional working has value added to this mega event.


From 10 am to 1.30 pm the show will open only for business visitors. During the rest of the day the visitors will be welcomed to visit the JJS.


As in the past this year too, the organizers have also made arrangements for individual cameras as well as JJS level for security. To further enhance the security this year more than 200 plus cameras have been installed in common area. Exhibitors have been requested in the “Exhibitor Meet” to have their own camera system installed in the booth since JJS can’t record the business activities inside the booth. This year there will be bar coded entry system for the visitors.


Many international participants and visitors are expected in B2B as well as B2C prestigious show.


Free to and fro shuttle service will be available from Ram Niwas Bagh and SMS Investment Ground (9 am to 4 pm) and from the JJS venue (1 pm to 7 pm). SMS Investment Ground is opposite the main gate of the Rambagh Palace where arrangements have been made for parking of the cars, seating and drinking water. 


The participants will once again be able to enjoy the gastronomic delight at the complimentary lunch which has been much appreciated over the years. Arrangements have also been made for tea, coffee and snacks on payment basis through 2 canteens.


To make Jaipur a brand in Gem & Jewellery — as in the past years, JJS 2017 will witness some organized and well planned publicity blitz. A select mix of print and electronic media will make the promotional campaign highly effective. Furthermore, there will also be a judicious use of highway hoardings and FM radio. Outdoor publicity will also see a new high this year with extensive coverage not only in Jaipur but also other cities.

The Print Media advertisements will see publicity in local and national newspapers; national consumer publications and trade publications. Radio FM which has become such a publicity agent saw advertisements in Radio City, FM Tadka, My FM, Red FM and Radio Mirchi. The direct promotion saw publicity in form of the JJS Calendar, note book, slip pads, etc.


One of the special features of the Jaipur Jewellery Show has been its eminent Chief Guests – most of them related to the gems and jewellery field. 

In the year 2003, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ms. Vasundhara ji Raje inaugurated the show. The following year Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, Mr. R.Gopalan, IAS, graced the glittering event as the Chief Guest. The year 2005 saw the President of World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB), Mr. Smuel Schnitzer as the Chief Guest. The following year, the Acting President of Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Ms. Donna Baker, added elegance to JJS by being the Chief Guest. In the subsequent year (2007) Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri, President, CIBJO added grace to the event as the Chief Guest. In 2008, the Chairman of GJEPC, Mr. Vasant Mehta was the Chief Guest. In 2009, the Managing Director of Diamond Trading Company International (DTC), Ms. Varda Shine, was the Chief Guest. In 2010, the Additional Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, Mr. D.K. Mittal, was the Chief Guest. Principal Secretary, Industries and Chairman of RIICO, Mr. Sunil Arora, was the Guest of Honour. In 2011, the Manager, Diamonds, Sales & Marketing, Rio Tinto, India, Mr. Vikram Merchant was the Chief Guest of the event. In 2012, Mr. Sean Gilbertson, Executive Director of  London-based Gemfields Plc and Mr. Pankaj Parekh, Vice Chairman of the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), were the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively, of the event. In 2013, Hon’ble Governor of Rajasthan, Smt. Margaret Alva was the Chief Guest of the event while Mr. Vipul Shah, Chairman, GJEPC was the Guest of Honour. In 2014, Director General  of  Supplies and Disposal in the Union Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Siddharth  was the Chief Guest of the event while Mr. Vipul Shah, Chairman, GJEPC and the Vice President of Swarowski (Asia operation), Mr. Kurt Zbinden were the Guest of Honour. In 2015, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ms. Vasundhara ji Raje inaugurated the show. The Managing Director of Titan Industry, Mr. Bhaskar Bhat and Chairman of GJEPC, Mr. Praveen Shankar Pandya were the Guests of Honour. This year, the Chairman of GJEPC, Mr. Praveen Shankar Pandya will be the Chief Guest.  While, the Chairman of GJF, Mr. Nitin Khandelwal will be the Chief Guest of JJDF. On 23 December the MD, GIA India & Middle East, Ms. Nirupa Bhatt will visit the festival.


One special features of the Jaipur Jewellery Show is the focus on the latest designs, new settings of jewellery. People get to see the latest in fashion from traditional heavy gold ornaments to light weight jewellery. Those who are looking for fashion accessory and stone studded jewellery will not be disappointed. Yellow & White gold ornaments are expected to be in great demand. As will be ornaments with traditional and oriental look with fancy cut gemstones. Kundan Meena Jewellery is expected to continue to be attraction this year. Many affordable items of jewellery will be seen due to light weight and innovative use of colour stones.


The reason why the fabled Pink City has been chosen to be the venue for JJS is the incontrovertible fact that it happens to be a G&J City. Jaipur has a rich tradition, as old as city’s history itself, of the exquisite art of jewellery and gem-stones. Little wonder that in a short span of ten years, JJS has become an important annual fixture of a happening city called Jaipur. People now look forward to it.

It would not be out of place to mention that some of the top companies in the country are making a beeline for the ochre-pink city for having international conventions, conclaves, symposiums, seminars and workshops. And when the city also happens to be a tourist / shopping destination, it sure is an added advantage. The city has come into its own as a convention / business centre par excellence.

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