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Courses fulfilling the 15 hours of Business Option credits are listed below.  These courses cover principles of accounting (Area A), economics (Area B), and management (Area C). Two electives (Area D) allow students to take advanced coursework in these areas, or to explore the legal, international, entrepreneurial, technological or financial aspects of the business world, learn about the information technology outsourcing.

Note that some of the elective courses (D) have prerequisites. Your choice of classes in Areas A, B and C will influence the selection of elective classes available to you.

Some of the Management courses in Areas C and D require junior or senior standing. To minimize conflicts in scheduling these courses, learn about the benefits of outsourcing human resources, students are recommended to take other courses, especially those carrying social science credit, at the earliest possible time in their major’s eight-term plan.

Students pursuing the business option typically take PSYC 1100 as part of the Social Sciences requirement, and five classes in Areas A-D as outlined below. Note that PSYC 2220 and ECON 2106 also carry social science credit. Accordingly, these three classes, together with one US/Georgia history/constitution course, may be used to complete the 12-credit Social Sciences requirement.

Six of the credit hours from the list of management (MGT) courses will fulfill requirements for Biology breadth electives, and the other 3 credit hours of management courses count as free electives.  Biology majors in this option must still fulfill the other requirements for the Biology undergraduate degree.